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KIVO™ Photovoltaic (PV) Module Mounting Systems offer solutions for

Ground, Roof, Carport and Off-Grid Solar energy installations.

SolarCube's PV Mounting Systems are manufactured world-wide, providing reliable, cost effective solutions for solar installations along with expert support in development, installation and logistics.

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Ground  PV Mounting Systems offering reliable solutions diverse type of open field projects; our patented mounting designs work with all commercial PV Modules, suitable for open field, utility-scale installations.View Ground Systems
Our Roof PV Mounting systems are engineered for easy solar deployment in industrial, commercial and residential flat/inclined/tiled roofs, compatible with all commercial solar modules.View Roof Systems
The innovative CS Carport systems feature built-in PV mounting frames, integrated cable ducts and other options. The modular design ensures reliable expansions in large parking installations.View Carport Systems
The KIVO Compact™, a versatile Roof Mounting System, with a pre-assembled mounting structure that unfolds, allowing a fast & easy  mounting system deployment on flat roofs and surfaces. Learn More

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Our team members share their collective know-how and work together to produce cost-effective, reliable PV mounting systems and smart solar solutions for residential, commercial, utility-scale PV energy production; for solar as an investment in a clean energy future we continuously research and  design equipment to provide viable solutions for clean energy applications in tune with today’s world.

SolarCube provides Logistic Services to manage the flow of PV equipment between manufacturing/distribution and the location of development. The logistics department partners with premier supply chains and transportation specialists to maintain an efficient timeline.

SolarCube handles the integration of information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and security if required. Our teams simplify the complexity and focus on maximizing the use of local resources to minimize transportation costs and carbon emissions involved ina PV development supply.

In practice, the management of PV system developments  is often quite complex, and as such requires distinct technical skills, experience and management strategies to simplify the process. We have the knowledge, network and know-how to maximize project potentials.

Our  services include PV project management, utilizing experienced teams in planning, supply and execution with efficiency to meet each project’s unique goals and objectives, while bringing about beneficial change as a profitable investment in clean energy production. Please contact us for more information on project management and installation services (subject to availability).

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